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  • Q: With the announcement by Rabodirect to close its personal accounts division I'm wondering if HSBC offers a personal account scheme. If so what interest rates apply and is inter-bank transfers offered online.

    Reply Padraic from Dublin, Ireland
  • Q: I have a HSBC premier account in the UK. Is there a HSBC cash machine in Dublin where I can withdraw cash without incurring transaction charges

    Reply Caroline from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Q: Hi, I am a personal premier customer in Hong Kong and wondering if there is any support from Ireland during my trip in coming month. My question is if HSBC Ireland has retail banking service providing in case of my personal debit card not work and I need to make urgent withdrawal. As I know, HSBC has an emergency service, Encashment can be provided for such purpose.

    Reply Eric
  • Q: Do HSBC have any connection with DIXONS. (Ie do hsbc provide loans to customers of DIXONS to purchase items from their store? Michael Kennedy

    Reply Michael from Blanchardstown, Ireland